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Hi, my name is Lanie Brown. I started my blog when I entered the real estate profession and my new technology coach told me to. I was learning to apply technology tools to my new real estate practice and wanted to trust experts. I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested, but I like to write so I gave it a whirl.

My blog is a venue to marry my personal love of homemaking and my professional passion for selling property. The name pinkbrickhome is a reference to my personal home buying story.

When I was little, every day on my way to school I walked by a corner lot where a new custom home was being built. I lived in a small, established town, so seeing a new house under construction was a unique situation. It was a big, beautiful, pink brick house. I thought that pink brick was so pretty, and I was fascinated to observe as that new house was completed.

About 25 years later when Hubby & I were looking for our home, we were considering a French colonial on a large lot with about a hundred trees. Hubby loved the lot, trees and curb appeal but commented that he wasn’t crazy about the color of the brick. Suddenly, I remembered that pretty pink brick house across the street from my elementary school. When I shared with him how I’d forgotten but had actually always wanted a pink brick house, he said, “If you want a pink brick house, then you’ll have a pink brick house.”

It was about 5 years later, after getting settled in my new home and community, that I earned my Texas real estate license and returned to my sales career. I love my home and community, so helping neighbors with their real estate needs is a perfect fit for me. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.


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