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Americana table decoration


Over the Memorial Day weekend I updated the dining room table decoration for summer. I’m sharing not because it’s impressively fancy but because it is simple. American flag table runner I invested in from Pottery Barn. Parade of red, white & blue vases from various flower deliveries. Okay, this is special to remember: White vase when my friend, Kim, brought flowers to bible study for my birthday. The white vase matches a beautiful salad bowl she gave me when we had a housewarming lunch. Red vase is probably from flowers from Mom at some point – sorry I don’t recall which occasion – and the vase might be from my brother because they are both really sweet to send flowers. Blue vase is when Mom had flowers delivered for housewarming. Add pink peonies from Trader Joe’s ($6.99). Ruffle up the table runner a bit so the flag looks like it’s billowing in the breeze. Done! Ready for summer gatherings.


I also want to share that we celebrated with quite a special patriotic service at church Sunday. Lt. Colonel Darryl Southern English led the service with a terrific talk about the history of our National Anthem.


Scouts posted The Colors, and we said The Pledge of Allegiance.


Bugler played Taps, and we observed a long moment of silence to remember our fallen heroes.


Of course, we love a baby dedication at Grace Community Church. Pastor Rick Minett had the honor of dedicating his own precious granddaughter to the Lord, and we sang our traditional baby dedicating song, Jesus Loves Me, to her. Poppy cried, or was she singing along?


All Star Banjos youth band from Sagemont Church picked up the pace with spirited Americana songs.


And last, but certainly not least, we honored our servicemen from all branches of the United States military. Following the service we gathered in the fellowship hall for a good ol’ church lunch complete with hot dogs and apple pie. God bless America! Amen!


Hill Country gallery wall

Lili Pell - Partly Cloudy with Spring GreensOur new home has an expansive gallery wall. I knew I had to fill the wall with properly scaled and arranged artwork or leave it blank. A spattering of random pictures Hubby & I like would not do the space justice. A design story about supersize beach posters inspired me to think about a supersize photograph of our landscape in the Hill Country. When I ran this idea by Hubby, he began an internet search for large Hill Country landscape paintings. He discovered local artist Lilli Pell and spoke to gallery owner Rob Pitzer Saturday evening, and we were on our way to Wimberley, Texas, to see “Partly Cloudy with Spring Greens” the next morning.

gallery wallOur completed gallery wall features our Lilli Pell original. Also grouped: Pretty still life painting signed by one of Hubby’s relatives (we need to learn more about this to know the family’s heritage); Pair of Texas flags; Topographic plat map of Summit Springs.
While Hubby’s analytical approach to hanging art gives my right brain a headache, I have to boast that he knew how to locate studs to determine where to start with our showpiece and developed an impressive excel spreadsheet to calculate where to bang each nail. As his parents would say, “Good goin’!”

Remodeling Sense

A project to demo-deco-remo-reno thrills and exhilarates me! For sensible guidance to help keep it sane, click on the link to benefit from this article.

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I like houzz

Happy New Year, and thank you for visiting my blog. One of the categories I post is I like houzz because I adore this fabulous design web site and am eager to share it with my real estate clients and followers. Click on the title link to check out the most popular houzz articles of the past year. I hope you find this professional site as useful and enjoyable as I do.

Introducing Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year… Marsala!

I’ve been anticipating the announcement of Pantone’s color of the year. Hello, Marsala! Click on the story link to go to this story for design examples and snarky reader comments. How do you feel about Marsala for home decor, fashion and graphic design?

Love Vintage Pink

Sometimes the stories on this fun design web site are just silly. Click on the pic to go to this story. All hail the pink sink!

Spring Cleaning Strategy

This is the first article in a series which outlines a game plan to clean and de-clutter a room from top to bottom. By tackling one room each week, you can enjoy a show-ready home after following along with this series. Click on the pic. Ready, set…

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