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Running Into The Light

I’m re-blogging a post by a beautiful young woman who is, among many things, an amazing writer, artist, and teacher. And she’s the oldest daughter of one of my best friends and colleagues. I love her for sharing her thoughts and heart.

From A to Z

“ The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” John 1:5

I have always felt cliche when I say, “I used to be afraid of the dark.” Or better yet, “I’m still a little afraid of the dark.” Every sleep over, awkward ice breaker or faltering new encounter always somehow gets to this question, and every time there is a cacophony of individuals finding solidarity in this same fear: the darkness. As a child, the dark corners of my room were OBVIOUSLY filled with demons and monsters, and every tree in the dwindling sunset held captive the evil ready to pounce behind it. The dark woods in Beauty and The Beast? Forget about it. Power outage at NIGHT in Jurassic Park? Horrifying. The Nickelodeon show, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? OF COURSE I AM. Even my sweet JZ confessed that he would run…

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The Sweetest Compliment Ever

gorgeous girl

Throughout my life I’ve been told I strike a resemblance to the likes of Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Olivia Newton-John, Deborah Harry (Blondie), and Michelle Pfeiffer. While I’m not sure I believe I look like these famous beauties, I see where people see the common broad face and blonde hair, and these are surely flattering and humbling compliments. But then my brother sent this picture of my niece and told me that he thinks his daughter looks a lot like me when I was her age. I am grateful for the family resemblance, and, wow, to say that gorgeous little girl looks like her Auntie is the highest compliment of my life. I am feeling especially blessed by my family: my Mom, who is my biggest fan of this blog and all my endeavors; my brother, who is such a good-hearted and creative person; and now my niece, who is this darling next generation of our family. Thanks for letting me share.


Demo Day!

demo patio demo driveway

Pup can’t play in the back yard or driveway these days…

Bible Stories for Pets

One of my step-daughter’s friends posted an ode to her beloved doggie on fb recently. My heart broke with hers as I read her love and memories for her childhood pet. It is devastating to say Good-bye and watch a precious animal pass.

When I have nursed dying pets, I’ve always told them, “There are three Bible stories every kitty (doggie) needs to know.” Telling these Bible stories has given me sweet times with my animal companions and comforted me as I prepared for hard losses:

Adam and the animals: God created all the animals, and he gave them to Adam and let Adam name them. God loved Adam and wanted him to have the animals, and He loved the animals and wanted Adam to know them and take care of them.
*Genesis 2:19-20.

Noah and the animals: God instructed Noah to take a pair of each animal into the ark with his family. God remembered Noah and all the animals with him in the ark. When it was safe to leave the ark, God instructed Noah to release all the animals so they could scurry about and be fruitful. God loved the animals and saved them from the great flood, and He used Noah to protect them.
*Genesis 7:2-3; 8:1, 15-16.

Jesus and the animals: Every creature in Heaven and on earth sings to the Lamb of God. The animals rejoice for Jesus in Heaven, so we will see our beloved pets again in Heaven. Amen!
*Revelation 5:13.

Martha from Luke 10:38

In preparation to serve on The Walk to Emmaus this week, I’ve been studying Martha from Luke 10:38-42. This is my lay person’s understanding of her story:

Martha is probably best known for her appearance in Luke 10. Being overwhelmed with the details of preparing a large dinner party, she complained to Jesus to make her sister, Mary, help her. Mary is the star of the scripture as Jesus commends her for sitting at his feet. Being a “Martha” myself, this always seemed unfair to me. If Martha didn’t cook the meal, who would? And who would set out all the dishes and clean up everything after? It feels to me like Martha was not understood or appreciated.

More of Martha’s character is revealed in John 11 where Martha plays a supporting role in the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Martha and Mary had sent word to Jesus that their brother, Lazarus, was very sick. Meanwhile, Lazarus had died and many of the neighbors had come to console the sisters. When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she left her sister and the mourners at their home and went to meet Jesus and have private time with him. She professed that her brother would not have died if Jesus had been there, that God would give anything he asked and that she had always believed Jesus is the Messiah. I feel better that in this scripture Martha is shown to be a true believer who left her houseful of company to run to her Lord.

Martha had a great line when Jesus was about to perform his miracle. In the midst of her grief and anticipation of what Jesus would do, she pointed out that if they rolled the stone away from the cave the stench would be horrible because her brother had been dead in the tomb for four days. Martha must have been an exceptional housekeeper, and she surely didn’t want anyone to be offended by a foul smell. In spite of her focus on a minor detail, she then got to personally witness a miracle as Jesus raised her brother from the dead.

So back to Luke 10. This story opens by telling that Martha welcomed Jesus into her home or Martha opened her home to Jesus. I love that God recorded Martha’s hospitality in the bible. We are called to extend hospitality* so this affirms us “Marthas” who love to make family and guests comfortable in our homes. Jesus was fully man as well as fully God, and I don’t read where that man told the-hostess-with-the-mostest to not finish cooking dinner for him and his buddies. He did scold Martha to not get in Mary’s business about it. Fair point. We “Marthas” need to not judge and not hold everyone to the ridiculously high standards we tend to set for ourselves.

Jesus taught that the only thing of value is time spent with him. I think Martha knew this and could have spent more time with Jesus if she’d had some help in the kitchen. She loved her friend, teacher and Lord and was showing her love by throwing a big dinner party in his honor. Brava, Martha!

*Hebrews 13:2, Romans 12:13, 1Peter 4:9.

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