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About Favorite Traditions

About Favorite Traditions

Hi, my name is Lanie Brown. While I started my blog to promote my real estate listings, I quickly found I enjoy this outlet for writing and noticed I win followers when I post recipes. I have always agreed recipes are for sharing, so I’m happy to pass along mine and am thrilled that friends seem to like them.

Because so many family traditions center around special foods, Favorite Traditions is a category to share my most favorite seasonal, holiday and family dishes. Sometimes posts are repeated, as that’s how favorites and traditions develop, and usually the recipes or instructions are updated. I hope you’ll add some of these dishes to your  repertoire.

Please note the recipes I post are ones I’ve created by adding my own spin to an old favorite or by consulting several sources and combining them to make my own variation. If I leaned heavily on a particular recipe or was even initially inspired by a family member or professional cook, I give proper credit. When you share my recipes I hope you’ll please mention my blog, Lanie B. creative. Thank you.


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