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Latte Sprinkles


Awhile ago Hubby gave me my own home cappuccino machine for a “Just Because” gift. Isn’t he sweet? I can now make my own perfect mug of vanilla soy latte and never more crave an over-priced coffee from the McCoffee Shop.


I even make my own special spice blend to sprinkle on my coffee concoction. It’s simple: Grate nutmeg + grate cinnamon stick. I tried a coffee-bean-grinder-turned-spice-grinder, but I get a finer grind by using a hand grater. Fold a piece of wax paper to make a crease; grate spices on the wax paper; transfer¬†grated spices to a little dish…


Then use a small kitchen funnel to transfer grated spices to a shaker. This adorable¬†rooster is from the Jacques Pepin collection at Sur la table. I asked Mom for the salt ‘n pepper shakers for Christmas, but I don’t often set out salt ‘n pepper shakers. So I put my latte sprinkles in this guy so I can have him greet me every morning. It’s a clever idea to make use of a broken set too.


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