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Delicious & Nutritious Green Shake

A health-conscience girlfriend, who is much more a granola girl and tree hugger than I, inspired me to daily make a green shake for breakfast. I start the morning with coffee with milk, and then I make my delicious and nutritious breakfast. While it’s not a specific recipe, lots of friends ask what I put in my shake, so here’s my routine:

Into my personal-size blender I toss:
Juice – orange, papaya, cranberry, cran-cherry, or any fruit juice you like; pour in enough to cover the blender blades, say 1/2 cup.
Greek yogurt, plain – 1 soup spoon-size blob.
Banana – 1 banana; peel it, of course.
Juicy fruit – 4 strawberries, or 1 small peach, or a slice of watermelon, or handful of frozen dark cherries, or any fruit on-hand.
Celery – just chop a thin slice off the top of the bunch; toss it in.
Cucumber – cut off a 1″ chunk; peel; toss it in.
Kale – a big handful; sometimes 1 leaf is plenty, depends on how large the leaves are; tear the leaves and exclude fibrous rib; toss it in.
Beet – for a ruby shake, add 1/8-1/4 sliced, raw beet; toss in the greens too.
Blend! Blend! Sip! Delicious!

Once I developed the habit to daily chop and toss, I started pumping up my shake with supplements:
Flax & Chia seeds – add 1 tsp of this blend of seeds to be little vehicles to carry the vitamins and nutrients through my body.
Hemp seeds – add 1 tsp of these seeds for protein and “good” fat.
Hair, Skin & Nails supplement – twist open the capsule and dump powder in.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist. I’m quite convinced this is a healthy breakfast, certainly better for me than just coffee. If anyone would like to contribute expertise in the Comments, that would be super; thanks.

Unpaid ad, but FYI: My blender is the Hamilton Beach personal size blender with travel lid in lime green and cost less than $16 on


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