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Bible Stories for Pets

One of my step-daughter’s friends posted an ode to her beloved doggie on fb recently. My heart broke with hers as I read her love and memories for her childhood pet. It is devastating to say Good-bye and watch a precious animal pass.

When I have nursed dying pets, I’ve always told them, “There are three Bible stories every kitty (doggie) needs to know.” Telling these Bible stories has given me sweet times with my animal companions and comforted me as I prepared for hard losses:

Adam and the animals: God created all the animals, and he gave them to Adam and let Adam name them. God loved Adam and wanted him to have the animals, and He loved the animals and wanted Adam to know them and take care of them.
*Genesis 2:19-20.

Noah and the animals: God instructed Noah to take a pair of each animal into the ark with his family. God remembered Noah and all the animals with him in the ark. When it was safe to leave the ark, God instructed Noah to release all the animals so they could scurry about and be fruitful. God loved the animals and saved them from the great flood, and He used Noah to protect them.
*Genesis 7:2-3; 8:1, 15-16.

Jesus and the animals: Every creature in Heaven and on earth sings to the Lamb of God. The animals rejoice for Jesus in Heaven, so we will see our beloved pets again in Heaven. Amen!
*Revelation 5:13.


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